May 21, 2019

How Casino Facilities Reward their Customers

Casino facilities are all the same. They use their complimentary programs to continue to lure customers. Some of these complimentaries can include delicious gourmet food, free hotel rooms, free admittance to special parties, interesting gift checks, free cash, shopping money, golf lessons, tickets to high-class shows like boxing and concerts and others.

Casino establishments gave out complimentaries to their customers for two main reasons: to ensure the loyalty of their customers and to encourage their customers to spend more cash in the casino games that they usually play. Complimentaries are manipulated by casino establishments to cement the loyalty of their customers and can even transform a boring player to a spectacular for the casino establishment.

Most casino facilities follow the three Big C’s in keeping their customers: Casino facilities, Complimentaries and Customers. Casino facilities usually categorize players into Red chip gamblers (five dollars), Green chip gamblers ($25 dollars) Black chip gamblers (one hundred dollars) or Purple chip gamblers (five hundred dollars). Casino officials usually do this so that they will know what kind of complimentary they will award the player. They also take into consideration how many times the players comes into the casino to play and how long they stay.

Casino facilities usually use the same formula in determining the type of complimentary for players. The comps formula considers your average wager, how many decisions that you make in a single hour, the time that you take in playing and the casino edge. These factors make up your “probable loss”. This is the total amount of cash that you will lose with the style of your play. Casino facilities usually hand you back around thirty to fifty percent of your probable loss so they really need to consider all of these factors before they hand you your complimentary.

So for example, the casino expects you to lose one thousand dollars in a single hour, the casino will hand you four hundred dollars in a single hour for your complimentary. Aside from that, if you are a type of blackjack player that spends ten dollars in the game, will you be given the same complimentary as three card poker player that spends ten dollars in a single hour?

The answer is no. A normal blackjack player at a full gambling table will play around sixty hands in an hour. The player will face around two percent casino edge. The player will get around $4.80 dollars in complimentaries in a single hour.

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