May 21, 2019

The Deal on RNG

Many players have probably heard of the words Real Time Gaming when surfing the internet and exploring gaming sites. Real Time Gaming refers to websites, usually online casinos, that use software that enables near instant transmissions to be received and broadcasted. It is like watching tv except that the content is live or happening right now.

Players might have wondered how a website is able to generate random card patterns or combinations that could imitate actual game play without the use of real cards. The method that RTG is able to produce such combinations is by using a RNG (random number generator).

Random Number Generators are not only used in card games, but have been used in other parts as well. They are used when any portion of the games requires an element of chance. A common example is playing craps online. In the game, there is a random number generator that produces the number results for the dice, and one of these numbers are given to the result of a virtual roll of the dice. There is no pre-programmed number combination to be given because the actual act of issuing the number is also randomly generated. This process is done so that the act of almost total randomness is achieved.

There are tow types of random number generators used. The most common one is based on a mathematical formula and is the easiest to produce. It must be noted that the quality of the random number generator depends on how well the mathematical algorithm is written and implemented in the system.

The second type of random number generator is the use of atmospheric noise which is more complex to design. Both are difficult to create but the former is much preferred.

Aside from determining the random number generators, one has to take a look at a gambling website. Prior to setting up a website, one must choose a random number generator that is of high quality enough for hard pressed players. The first item that has to considered is to be able to re-create the randomness as closely as possible. There are many other random number generators that have been written that are able to do the same type of job but it is the quality of the writing that produces the best results.

Another important consideration is that Real Time Gaming must consider the issue of security. Any program that can be written can be hacked and re-written to favor any individual. Real Time Gaming understands this issue and has and has opened random number generators to be tested to assure any security worries.

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